Space Fortress released!

10 Dec

Hi All,

We are happy to announce that our first game Space Fortress has been released on the appstore!  Like we have said before, this game was a good test for us as a new iphone developer.  Fun gameplay, not too complicated and something small enough for us to complete quickly.  We haven’t submitted the game to any review sites yet, but are going to this weekend.  Looking at current sales, it is pretty apparent that you need to market your game or no one will ever see it.  Anyway, here is a gameplay video to check out.

So, now it looks like we have to really start working hard on something new.  We have a couple of prototypes in the works and we will see how they pan out in the coming weeks.  If you havent already, go get Space Fortress for yourself.  Its a fun little game that is completely free!

Thanks for reading!


Close to completing our first game!

4 Nov

Hey all,

Nama Games is proud to announce that we are in the final touches of finishing our first game, Space Fortress!  If you are not familiar, the game is an old school arcade shooter.  It is a good first project for us.  It is relatively simple in its design, but allows us to get used to the process of iphone development.  We are busy working on prototyping our next projects and are excited at the prospect of trying to do something truly unique.  If anyone has any ideas for a game that they would love to see implemented by someone, leave a comment or contact us through the contact tab.